Planning a trip to Italy?

Planning a trip. An exciting moment. You are waiting for the big vacation. You are setting your goals. You are choosing the type of vacation and what will you do in this time off work.

There are people that love to plan, love to document and choose/make their own tour. There are others preferring to choose from something offered by a travel agency. For any taste and preference there are plenty of offers.

I know a little bit about Italy (beside what you learn in geography) from my friend who was there two years ago (there are some posts here on blog with info on some of te touristic objectives in several cities she visited). She was impressed by the visit – she was in a tour organized by an agency, a guided bus tour. She wants to go back and take the time to see more, much more than she saw the first time.

Italy has many towns and cities worth visiting. In fact there are so many that one vacation will definitely not do when it comes to this country. You cannot see it all in a week or two, you cannot feel the local pulse in such a short time. But you’ll enjoy each moment.

As I already mentioned, one might want to use the services of an agency. But there is also the possibility to arrange your vacation online. Page & Moy Italy tours seems to be a good site offering you just that: unforgettable escorted tours. They are celebrating 50 years – so it’s not something that appeared yesterday, it’s something that earned travelers’ trust in time. They have a vast offer, an easy to use and intuitive site – you need to check them out.

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