Places to see in Alberta

With some of the world’s most gorgeous natural scenery, Alberta is a western province in Canada. Besides the stunning mountains and lakes, the province has a fertile agricultural and plains region as well as gas fields. Outdoor sports are popular in Alberta, and spectator sports like football and hockey are hugely popular. Vacation and holiday planners can explore the contrasts and diversity that Alberta provides to find destinations and activities that they enjoy. Here are just four of the places where fantastic vacations are waiting:


The country’s first national park, Banff is the home of Lake Louise, Sunshine Meadows and Mount Cascade. Other lakes and majestic mountains as well as meadows are found throughout the over 6,000 kilometers of the park lands. Luxurious resort hotels, ski lodges and golf courses are found below the mountain peaks and at the edge of reflective lakes. Hot springs and nature trails are found at the Cave and Basin National Historic Site. Highways, ski slopes and waterways offer some of the world’s best views.

Banff - Canada
Banff - Canada


At the eastern foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Calgary is the province’s largest metropolis. The heart of the city has excitement, shopping, restaurants and a river walk and park. The Elbow and the Bow Rivers merge within Calgary. Islands and other points of interest are along the waterway.

Neighborhoods surrounding downtown stretch out for 30 to 40 blocks, and each of these neighborhoods have their own flavor and attractions. For example, Mission has a wonderful row of locally-owned shops and restaurants to browse.

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Hockey, football and the rodeo are some of Calgary’s most popular sports. Every year in July people get outdoors for the Calgary Stampede.


Edmonton is the capital city of the province, located in south-central Alberta. Known for its variety of fabulous summer festivals, Edmonton also has over 100 kilometers of parkland trails. The trails and an entire park system within the river valley region are perfect for watching wildlife and enjoying excellent views of the cityscape.

Additionally a great city for theatre performances and shopping opportunities, the metropolis is famous for its West Edmonton Mall. This monolith is the largest mall on the continent of North America.


Jasper’s resort mountain village in Jasper National Park is to the north from Banff on the Icefields Parkway. Although not as many visitors are found within Jasper as in Banff, the scenes and natural wonders are just as impressive. Lovely lakes, high mountains for skiing and much wildlife are seen in and around Jasper. Caribou, eagles and other animals are prevalent. Common in the morning is the serene sunrise scene at one of the misty lakes with deer or moose at the edge for a drink.
Besides Jasper National Park, other attractions are found within a short driving distance. For instance, nearby Mount Robson is Canada’s tallest peak at nearly 4,000 meters. The Robson Provincial Park is the place to enjoy this mountain as well as its forests and wildlife.

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