How to pick the perfect flower bouquet – customs from around the world

3trandafiri_rosiiEach country has its special customs. Some of these are readily available for a generous part of the world. For today let’s have a look at a custom regarding flowers.

Oh, flowers. Every woman likes to be on the receiving end for an amazing bouquet, right? How can you be sure you chose the right number of flowers?

Yes, the number of flowers offered in a bouquet is a delicate matter. In countries from Central and Eastern Europe one should ALWAYS offer a bouquet consisting of an odd number of flowers – the even numbers are to be given at funerals! It’s also believed that if one receives a bouquet in even number, death would soon come to her…

So be careful when offering a bouquet.

That’s not the only thing you should consider when giving a flower bouquet. You should also:

  • Keep in mind local cultural traditions and customs;
  • Try to find out if a special type of flower is associated with a special moment or circumstance (for instance in at lease some of the countries from Central and Eastern Europe there are flowers which mean “loneliness”);
  • Pay attention to the selected colors – and of course link this with customs: white has different significations throughout the world. For instance, yellow is believed to symbolize jealousy in some countries.

Who said giving flowers is easy? Now, leaving the joke aside, it is clear that it should be easy to pick a flower bouquet for the persons that you interact with frequently. Pay attention when choosing flowers for someone from a different culture, part of the world etc.

Good luck!

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What other flowers-related custom do you know?


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