Happy New Year!

Another year ends. Another one begins. I’m guessing everyone spends a minute or two to think about the year that ends – what was wonderful, what went wrong, what went better than expected. We think about the beings we met and, if the case, about those we lost this year.

It’s a moment of nostalgia, but also a moment of hope: hope for a better year. Hope for health, hope for friends and family, hope for a life to enjoy.

For some, it’s also a moment of plans. What to do, where to go. Goals.

New Year’s Resolutions.

Some choose to make these plans and resolution(s) public. I prefer to keep them for myself if I make some.

But one thing is clear: I do wish to have a better year. I lost someone dear in 2015 – so there is no way of changing that or making it better. But I do hope that 2016 will be better in other regards. I have some traveling plans, of course, along with some personal ones.

And I also wish to see this blog constantly growing.

I am thanking each and everyone of you who stopped by in 2015 and I hope you’ll come back and read articles in 2016 as well.

I wish you all, dear visitors, a wonderful 2016.

May the new year bring you what you wish for and then some!

Happy New Year!

Happy New year 2016!

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  • 13 September, 2017 at 14:55

    yahoo got me here. Cheers!


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