Exploring the island of Minorca

The island of Minorca is one of the Balearic Islands located off the coast of Spain. This island has many caves, natural beaches and natural attractions. During their trip to Spain, visitors will be able to visit many of the island’s cultural and natural landmarks.

Walk around Maó city center

The city of Mao is the island’s main city. This city has many ancient buildings and several museums where visitors will be able to explore the ancient Roman ruins. Another one of the city’s main attractions is the ancient gin distillery.

Visitors will be able to enjoy trips around Maó Harbour. There are tours in glass bottomed catamarans and tours in private boats. Many of the island’s landmarks can be seen from the shore, including the Sant Felip Castle, Fort Malborough, La Mola Fortress and the Lazaretto Quarantine Island. La Mola Fortress and Fort Marborough, which is mostly located underground, can be visited.

Mao Harbour, photo by Henning.Schröder at de.wikipedia
Mao Harbour, photo by Henning.Schröder at de.wikipedia

photo by Henning.Schröder at de.wikipedia

The Military Governor’s Palace is one of the city’s main buildings that can be seen from the shore. This palace used to be a military fortress.

This city has many Georgian buildings. Visitors will be able to tour a Gin distillery and several ancient fortresses. Near the docks visitors will find the Military Museum, which has galleries filled with arms and artifacts.

Visit the caves

This island has several natural caves. Visitors will be able to explore the caves, which are known for their geological formations, stalactites and stalagmites. Trips are organized around the main caves.

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Explore the island’s beaches

This island has many natural beaches with white sands and crystal waters. There are more than two hundred kilometers of coastline. The coastline is peppered with coves and inlets, many of which can be only reached by boat. The north coast is known for its rugged cliffs and reddish sands. The Arenal den Castell is a large northern beach, one of the area’s most popular beaches. The Binimel la, Cavaleria and Pregonda beaches are located near the northern tip of the island. Those beaches located on the south of the island are larger beaches with white sands. This area has many coves with stone beaches.

Some beaches are known for their water sports, where visitors will be able to rent sports equipment. Typical sports that can be enjoyed on this island are canoeing and sea kayaking. Part of the larger beaches, including those near the city of Maó, have ports where visitors can rent boats to explore the island. There are many secluded beaches and stone coves.

Enjoy the views

The Monte Toro is the highest point on this island. From a distance of 258 meters visitors will be able to enjoy views of the island and the sea. This mountain is located in the center of the island, near the town of Es Mercadal. An old Augustinian monastery and a church were built on the top of the hill. Another large town is the historical town of Ciutadella, where visitors will be able to see many ancient ruins.

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