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5 Tourist Attractions for Kids in Florida

When you have a child, travelling often becomes kid centred. You look for interesting places to visit that are child friendly. One of the places with the most attractions for kids in the US is Florida. From museums to themed amusement parks, from aquariums to space centre – all aiming to lure tourist and to provide fun activities for families taking Florida holidays. Let’s see today five tourist attractions for kids in Florida.

The Ringling Circus Museum (Sarasota)

You are probably used to recommendations focusing on circus shows. How about a museum dedicated to all-circus? Sarasota has such a museum and The Ringling Circus Museum is an extraordinary museum with traveling exhibitions from around the country and around the world aiming to mesmerize its visitors.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park (Orlando)

This is an iconic place to go with children when in Florida and see magic come to live. Meeting famous cartoon characters, walking in castles, shaking hands with Mickey Mouse and more – all entertaining children of all ages ;). This is Disney’s first park, open 4 decades ago, and still a hit – but then again, let’s look at how many other Disney themed parks were launched across the globe and are a success. As a side note, I admit I didn’t manage to go to any such Disney park, but I do hope I will take my family one day!


Legoland Florida was open in 2011 and soon became a hit attracting visitors from all over the world. This is a 150-acre interactive theme park dedicated to families with children between the ages of 2 and 12 and has over 50 rides, shows and attractions that will enchant the little ones.

Miami Museum of Science

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I am a big fan of science and technical museums, thus it was inevitable for the Miami Museum of Science to be included in this list. What’s interesting and special at this museum is that you can, if you plan it carefully in advance, see a laser show at the Planetarium, and see what exhibitions are available. There are many interesting things o discover in a fun way at this museum – and as educational and interactive ways are a plus in any child’s education, I do recommend a visit at the Patricia and Philip Frost Museum of Science.

Jungle Island (Miami)

Another tourist attraction in Miami perfect for children is the Jungle Island. For those loving to see wildlife and shows featuring various species, this is a place to go with children. A rare albino alligator, tortoises, iguanas, parrots, macaws, peacocks, cockatoos, flamingos and more, all can be found here.

As mentioned above, these are only a few of those perfect places to go with children in Florida.


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