Top 10 Places to Visit in Brazil [VIDEOS]

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Boa viagem

Boa viagem

I was speaking with a friend about Brazil and what is a must see there and we stumbled upon some interesting articles and recommendations.

Out of those materials I’m recommending you today three videos, one with 10 most important attractions – Brazil, one with Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Brazil and, finally, one focusing on Top 10 Biggest Cities In Brazil 2013. I hope you’ll find these videos useful and please tell me, if you’ve been to Brazil, what did you liked the most there? What places do you recommend in Brazil?

10 most important attractions – Brazil

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Brazil

Top 10 Biggest Cities In Brazil 2013

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  5. Cristiane Gouget

    Lori, I’m a brazilian and live here since I was born. I live in Rio de Janeiro. Honestly, I don’t recommend to be here without really know or at least with some good brazilian friends to follow any people outside Brazil. I don’t know if there are companies specialized in to receive people from other countries but maybe there is. Here everybody knows the best places people outside Brazil loves to go like: Copacabana Beach. There are beautiful places here and principaly in the south part of Brazil. Here in Rio de Janeiro there are beautiful beaches and more quiet places in Barra da Tijuca and some other places. It’s just a matter to be here and does not look like a tourist :) People that lives here know what is the best and secure places to go and what is the places that you can’t go. Great article and videos about Brazil! :)

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